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Voice Of Customer

“We are delighted with the product and service of UrbanBuz and its wonderful team. Very cost-efficient Customer Journey Management platform that suited our requirements across several business division. Easy to customize the product around our very specific and unique business model and business processes, spread out over 22 locations. A big thank you!.”

Clara Pernik - Brand Marketing Manager

Customer Data Management

  • Cleansed and merged customer accounts across countries and branches
  • Established consistent and clean customer data capturing processes through in-store multi-lingual registration and clienteling apps
  • Achieved 65% of filled customer profiles

Customer Data Enrichment

  • Automated parts of the Customer Lifecycle across different channels like SMS and Email
  • Achieved a 15% increase in linking of store transaction rate through staff KPI program and proper tracking capabilities
  • Achieved a 71% increase in captured emails through automated voucher incentives and birthday campaigns

Voice Of Customer

  • Established automated post-purchase NPS surveys through SMS and Email
  • Established proper follow up through real time tracking and escalation
  • Achieved 1,900+ insightful Feedback & NPS