Grow your sales through word-of-mouth marketing

Complete your marketing strategy with referral programs and turn your customers into brand ambassadors who ​share your products and services with their networks, generating more of your best customers, faster.


Create Multiple Referral Programs

Tailor specific referral programs based on customer type, deliver unique rewards and messaging while tracking and analyzing every segment and all activities.

  • Create referral programs for different customer segments
  • Create different referral program types to meet different needs from capturing leads (registration) to winning new customers (transaction)
  • Set a time window for referred to participate to incentivize them to engage quickly

Create Multiple Rewards To Keep Your Customers Interested

Real-time messaging and delivery of different types of rewards: vouchers, loyalty points, account credits, etc.

  • Set one reward for the first referral and different rewards for additional referrals
  • Award vouchers or loyalty points

Provide Your Customers With Easy Access to The Referral Programs

Establish trust with your customers by giving them full visibility over their referrals and their progress.

  • Fully branded and personalized microsite for customers to sign up to the referral program
  • Customers can invite friends and track their status (opened email, participated, expired, etc.)
  • System automatically rejects any referrals to already existing customers

Track and measure each referral program in real time

Get easy access to dashboards showing the progress of the referral programs in real time.

  • Track how many customers are participating in the program
  • View the number of invitations sent out by each customer
  • View the number of new customers gained by each participating customer