UrbanBuz Online Ads Optimization

Remove your reliance on browser cookies and leverage your first-level customer data combined with the reach of ad platforms to launch audience-specific campaigns driven by data.

Build Campaigns that move people through the journey to improve customer experience, retention and loyalty – three factors affecting customer lifetime value.

Increase Your Advertising ROI

Target the right customers with personalized content by leveraging your centralized customer data to build the right personas that you can then target through Ad Platforms.

Use your data for for highly accurate re-targeting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social networks. Your customer data is also used to generate look-alike models on these sites to attract the right future customers.

Build ad campaigns that take into consideration the customer lifecycle to deliver the right message at the right time for your customers to increase retention and create loyalty.

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Remove Your Reliance on Cookies to Gather Customer Data

Browser cookies are no longer be an option to collect customer data online.

With our Ecommerce integration and plug-ins you can easily collect data directly into your CDP without the need for browser cookies and link that data to your online ads through our conversion API.

Combine your online and offline data to build highly efficient online campaigns across different Ad Platforms.

Fully control your data and what to share with the different Ad Platforms and when.

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Leverage Your Existing Customers Data

Through our comprehensive Customer Segmentation product. You can build different relevant audiences based on your customer data across all the different channels. With a few clicks you can target those customers online and more importantly the look-alikes to win new relevant customers.

Targeting the right customers online with the right message will build retention and loyalty while targeting look-alikes will ensure your marketing budget is properly spent to attract the right future customers.

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Native Integration With UrbanBuz Marketing Stack

UrbanBuz Online-Ads Product seamlessly integrates with our full suite of Marketing Technology products like

  • Omni-channel campaigns
  • Automated Journeys
  • Digital vouchers
  • Loyalty

By having Online-Ads optimization as part of our Customer Journey Management platform, you can immediately and automatically take action based on the online ads whether it is a new leads to convert them to customers or existing customers to provide them with a consistent exceptional experience.

See what you can do with our Facebook and Google Integrations.

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Give marketing and customer experience teams control with a customer journey platform designed for them and that speaks their language

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