Schedule and Track Marketing Campaigns Across Different Channels

Set up personalized marketing campaigns across multiple channels (Email, SMS, Whatsapp,and more) and track the ROI of each campaign in real time.


Easy To Schedule and Work On Campaigns

  • Calendar view to easily keep track of scheduled campaigns that are sent across countries and brands
  • Summary view to give you accurate stats about your campaign before you schedule it

Drag-and-Drop Visual Designer

  • Use our pre‑designed templates and our drag‑and‑drop designer to create relevant and engaging emails
  • Store and manage all your images in one central place so you can always find what you need for your campaigns

Turn Mass Campaigns Into Personalized Engagement

  • Use our dynamic set of special tags to personalize your campaigns based on customer profile, transactions, location, and much more
  • Use our smart links to shorten links (for SMS) and track clicks per customer
  • Provide customers with easy access to manage their communication preferences

Test and Measure Different Campaign Approaches

  • Use A/B testing to see which approach gets more engagement from customers
  • Get more insights about your campaign by setting up control groups so you can compare customer behaviors

Measure Your Campaigns ROI Beyond Clicks and Opens

  • View campaign stats like opens, delivered, clicks, etc
  • View how many customers opted-out
  • See how many customers transacted, (total, from campaign, and from control group) after the campaign was sent and how much sales they generated