Recognize, reward and retain your customers across all channels.


Drive new and existing customers to your brand and keep them incentivized throughout their customer journey.

Multi tiered program

Multi-Tiered Program

Make your most valuable customers feel valued by giving different rewards based on what tier the customer is in.

Social incentives

Social Incentives

Celebrate with your customers, reward them for referrals and for sharing posts on social media platforms.


Time-Sensitive Incentives

Reward customers with time-sensitive incentives and call-to-actions.

Simple to Setup

Easily connect to different channels from one platform without interfering with your existing infrastructure.

Real-Time Updates

Get access to real-time data to make instant changes and updates when necessary.

Relevant Customer Targeting

Optimize your relationship with your customers by delivering relevant incentives.

A digital loyalty engine that works seamlessly with CRM, Communication, and Marketing engines to deliver relevant and timely communication along with vouchers and incentives based on certain triggers.