UrbanBuz Integrations

Connecting All Your Customer Touch Points Have Never Been Easier.

Pull real-time data from just about any customer touch point. The more data you integrate, the more audience insights and personalization possibilities you’ll discover.

Get Started In Minutes With Native Integrations

We aim to make integrations more of a plug and play thing. Leverage the power of our ready-to-go integrations that pull in all your data from top ECommerce platforms, POS systems, and Online Ads platforms.

All you have to do is click, enter your credentials, and start syncing all different forms of data, including vouchers and loyalty, between your CDP and your different data points.

Ecommerce Integration
A Sample List Of Our Plug-And-Play Integrations
Ecommerce Integration
Customer Service Integration
POS Integration
Customer Service Integration
Ecommerce Integration
POS Integration
Customer Service Integration
Ecommerce Integration
Ecommerce Integration
Ecommerce Integration

Leverage Our API To Integrate With Custom Systems With Ease

If you have one of the legacy systems, an in-house built system, or simply a system that we don’t have a plug-and-play integration for yet, then UrbanBuz open API gives you the flexibility to create direct integrations with just about anything that exports data.

Our technology team is ready to help in every step of the way to get your systems connected in no time.

POS Integration

Native Integration With UrbanBuz Marketing Stack

UrbanBuz CDP seamlessly integrates with our full suite of Marketing Technology products like

  • AI Powered Segmentation
  • Online ads optimization
  • Omni-channel campaigns
  • Automated Journeys
  • Customer feedback
  • Digital vouchers that work online and offline
  • Referral programs
  • Loyalty programs

UrbanBuz CDP also integrates easily with any other marketing or BI tool you already use.

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Give marketing and customer experience teams control with a customer journey platform designed for them and that speaks their language

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