Incentivize Your Customers to engage more and recognize those who do

Set up quick incentives to achieve short term goals or a loyalty program to build long term relationships, through our voucher and loyalty solutions.


Set up And Award Vouchers

  • Easily set up a single voucher or a package of vouchers to award customers
  • Award customers a set of vouchers and control when each voucher needs to be available. (Ex: One voucher becomes automatically available every month)
  • Easily redeem vouchers through our “Clienteling” App or through direct integration between your POS/Ecommerce and UrbanBuz
  • Upload your own voucher codes to be used with issued vouchers
  • Our system generates unique voucher codes that you can also download and use in your POS/ECommerce
  • Track, in real time, how many vouchers are issued, pending, available, redeemed, and expired

Setup Global Flexible Loyalty Program

  • Multi-tier loyalty programand control points needed to move between tiers
  • Award credit points and/ortier points per different events (New Customer, Birthday, Anniversary, Transactions, Products, etc.)
  • Global program across different countries with exchange rates to enable customers to redeem their points across any of your branches worldwide
  • Enable points redemption only for customers who complete their profile
  • Detailed dashboards showing analysis of the program per tier

Track Redemptions and View Performance Reports in Real Time

  • Total number of redemptions per single voucher or package
  • Vouchers about to expire
  • Track issuance and redemption per branch and channel