Target The Right Customers with the right message

Engage your customers by collecting relevant feedback at the right time and through their preferred communication channel.‚Äč


Build Simple Or Complex Surveys

Whether it is a simple NPS survey or a service feedback matrix, you can easily create and design surveys to meet your specific needs.

  • Ready to use survey templates
  • Powerful branching logic
  • Complete control of branding
  • Readily available library of question types

Distribute Survey Through Any Channel

Collect feedback from customers across different channels, online, and in-store.

  • Surveys can be setup on tablets
  • Send surveys through Email or SMS campaigns
  • Automatically trigger feedback after transactions
  • Send surveys through Whatsapp that customers can answer directly from Whatsapp through our advanced chatbots

Gain Full Control Over How You Collect Feedback

Easily manage how, when, and how often a customer is sent a survey in order not to annoy customers

  • Set up a grace period to stop sending survey to the same customer once he/she answers it
  • Link survey questions to Customer Profile to directly enrich your customer data
  • Set up a time window for customers to answer the survey along with reminders

Track and Analyze Results in Real Time

Analyze and share results that power smart decisions and look great, too.

  • Escalate negative feedback immediately to specific staff members through Email or SMS for quick action
  • Insightful real time reports and dashboards