MDS Mobile x UrbanBuz

Customer Engagement
Sales Generation
Voucher Redemption

  Urbanbuz’s CDP and Loyalty system is a must have in today’s competitive business landscape. Its seamless integration to the company’s internal ERP ensures a very smooth customer experience. Results delivered are a sharp increase in customer retention and repeat purchase behavior. Highly recommended !

Kartik  Satija
Business Manager

The Solution

As a long-time client of Urbanbuz, Missguided decided to work with us on correcting the health of their mailing lists. Thanks to a long-standing cooperation, Urbanbuz was able to rapidly create and implement a solution that showed results almost immediately. Let’s see how it was done.

Customer Data Management
  1. Clean and organized large data records with a 360-degree view of customer
  2. Consistent data capture and visibility across all branches
Loyalty Program And Vouchers
  1. Achieved an increase of 70% in customer engagement
  2. Achieved an increase of 30% in sales
  3. Achieved 25% voucher redemption rate

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