Kaya x UrbanBuz

Full Customer Profiles
Sales Generated
Returning Customers

We are in an era where marketing is impossible without Technology & for every brand, the big struggle is to find the right technology platform that helps them reach their objectives. UrbanBuz solution has helped us in the last 2 years simplify & automate processes that were earlier extremely time consuming and expensive enabling us to optimize our marketing spend and reach higher ROI. The platform is simple to use and arms the marketing team with tools to very quickly target consumers at various micro levels with relevant communication. The visual representation of data & easy dashboards helps for really quick analysis and action on campaign performances. In summary, the platform is an asset for organizations looking to enhance their customer communication & retention and eliminates the need for a lot of intervention and investment.

Latika Vieira
Head of Marketing

Customer Data Management
  1. 70% drop in number of accounts after cleaning and unifying profiles
  2. +22% increase in clean customer records YoY
Automated Segmentation and Campaigns
  1. 4,400% ROI on the reactivation of lapsed customers campaigns
  2. +12.4% lift in revenues due to reactivation
Customer Lifecycle Automation
  1. 61% new to returning customer conversion in Q4-2019
  2. +34% increase in engagement rate
  3. Achieved 1,900+ insightful Feedback & NPS

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