Eggspectation x UrbanBuz

Customer Profiles
Sales Generated
Loyalty Redemption

  The UrbanBuz platform is user-friendly and it was easy to configure our loyalty program that has led to improved customer retention rates and increased customer satisfaction which in turn has helped boost our sales.

Ihab Hilal
Regional Operation Manager

Customer Lifecycle Automation
  1. Achieved 65% Engagement rate
  2. Achieved 15% re-engagement rate of at-risk customers
  3. Achieved 22% of increased sales during dinner hours through targeted campaigns
Customer Data Enrichment
  1. 52% of 2019 active customers with completed customer profiles
  2. Consistent and clean customer data through full POS integration and customer data capturing apps
  3. Collecting customer profiles by restricting redemption of loyalty points only to customers with profile
Loyalty Program And Vouchers
  1. Achieved an increase of 7% redemption rate
  2. Achieved 46% return rate with voucher incentives for monthly top customers
  3. Achieved 10% reactivation rate of lapsed customers

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