ABVC x UrbanBuz

Customer Engagement
Sales Generated
Voucher Redemption

UrbanBuz solution includes many modules that help you better understand and intelligently reach your client, including loyalty programs, tailor-made packages and automated voucher systems. It, in this way, allows business owners to be back in control, and eliminates out human error which does occur easily in busy front desks.

Dr. Ellen Kruijning

Customer Data Management
  1. Clean and organized large data records with a 360-degree view of customer
  2. Consistent data capture and omni-channel visibility across both brands
  3. Understand and utilize customer data better based on customer profile as well as pet profile
Customer Lifecycle Automation
  1. Achieved more than 90% Engagement rate
  2. Relevant communication based on their loyalty / pet species / services availed etc.
Loyalty Program And Vouchers
  1. Achieved an increase of 7% redemption rate
  2. Achieved 46% return rate with voucher incentives for monthly top customers

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