UrbanBuz Customer Feedback

Automate customer feedback at every touch point

Boost engagement, increase loyalty, and drive growth by reaching out to customers across different channels, collecting their feedback in an efficient and convenient and acting on their feedback in a timely manner.

Dynamic Customer Feedback Forms

Easily build feedback forms to collect input from your customers across different channels from NPS scores to post transaction and product feedback and more.

Conditional logic lets you ask the right follow-up questions and skip the rest. Make your Surveys feel less like interrogations, and more like conversations.

Reach out to your customers for feedback across SMS, Email, WhatsApp, or even on a tablet at the store where they can easily check in and provide their input

Customer Survey

Leverage Customer Data To Ask The Right Questions

Customer Feedback fully integrated with our CDP so you can avoid asking customers questions that your should already know the answers to like their name, email, where they shopped, etc. to create a great customer experience.

Ask relevant questions at the right time to collect important profile data.

Link your feedback questions directly to your customer profile fields so your customers feedback becomes part of their profile for better long term data enrichment.

Customer Experience

Real Time Negative Feedback Alerts For Timely Actions

Setup escalation emails so each branch manager would get alerts whenever one of their customers provide negative or unsatisfactory feedback.

Your brand and branch managers will have all the information they need in their inbox to quickly take action and turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.

Let our system automatically follow up with customers who did not provide feedback (or those who did)

Customer Insights

Visualize Your Customer Feedback In Real Time

View in real time your customers engagement in providing feedback along with detailed views about each feedback that was sent.

Easily download your data for further analysis and actions.

Automated Customer Survey

Native Integration With UrbanBuz Marketing Stack

UrbanBuz Feedback Product seamlessly integrates with our full suite of Marketing Technology products like

  • CDP
  • Segmentations
  • Automated Journeys
  • Campaign Management
  • Digital vouchers
  • Loyalty

By having Customer Feedback a part of our customer journey management platform, you can easily collect relevant and timely feedback to create great customer experiences.

Customer Experience
Backed By The UrbanBuz Promise
Customer Insights
Fast Time-To-Value

Launch your CDP and customer experience suite quickly and give customers the best experience in the shortest time possible

Customer Survey
Easy To Manage

Give marketing and customer experience teams control with a customer journey platform designed for them and that speaks their language

Customer Experience
Full Support

Get the help you need from on-boarding to best practices from our experienced customer success team

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