Create A Deep Engagement With Customers, Nurturing Customer Loyalty And Driving Sales

Enable store associates to combine the transactional customer data from retail and online systems with notes and anecdotes that they can then leverage to create a truly personal touch to every shopping experience.


Know Your Customers

UB Clienteling supports your Store Associate in managing customers by providing a 360°, real-time view of online basket, previous purchases, interactions, notes, appointments and service tickets.

  • Access a 360° view of the customer on the shop floor
  • View all customer interactions (online basket, purchases, tasks, appointments, communication, Loyalty, Vouchers, etc.)
  • Register new customers and update customer profiles

Communicate With Your Customers

Enable the Store Associate to communicate with customers through their preferred method of communication, whether that be Whatsapp, Email, SMS, Social Media, etc.

  • Interact with customers after they leave the store with personalized messages through SMS, Email, Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and more
  • Use templates to say just the right thing
  • Monitor and record all communications for better tracking
  • Valuable history passed along to future associates

Manager View

Provide Store Manager with a real-time overview of all sales activity including Store Associate KPI’s, upcoming appointments, New Customers, Linked Transactions, etc.

  • Help Store Managers to efficiently manage their stores and their staff’s daily activities
  • Quick access to KPIs and performance metrics
  • Quick access to store Customers data and VIP lists.

Bridge Gap Between Online and Offline

Enable your staff to view shopping preferences of customers along with any product interests

  • View abandoned carts by customers
  • View product recommendations
  • View full product catalogs
  • View customers wish List

Black Book Management

  • Manage VIP lists
  • Take notes, track birthdays and anniversaries