Connect all your customer touch-points to one central customer data platform through our open platform and API

Build a unified Single Customer View, enrich your customer data, and drive intelligent omni-channel engagement.

Track All Your Customers Interactions

Connect and track your online or offline customer data into one unified Single Customer View.

Centralize your products, customers, interactions and custom data to achieve customer-centricity. Break down your data silos, achieve 1:1 personalization, and unlock growth across channels and maintain agility as your business scales.

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Unify Your Customer Data

Our Customer Data Algorithm will leverage your in-store data to identify customers online and keep your customer data coherent, clean, and up-to-date.

Our identity resolution component will ensure that online browsing history is linked to the right customer even if they don’t log in to your site.

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Enrich Your Customer Data

Enable your customers to easily update their information through trackable registration pages with secure check-in capabilities and personalized customer microsites.

Make it easy for customers to link their own transactions by simply scanning the personalized QR code on the receipt.

Empower your staff to efficiently collect and track customer data through our powerful “Clienteling” app.

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Visualize Your Data In Real Time

Capture and visualize instant insights from your ever‑changing data the moment you need it.

  • Track how your customers profiles are growing over time (time-series)
  • Set targets and track how many transactions is your staff linking to customers
  • Measure which channel and source is bringing you the most data, and much more.
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Native Integration With UrbanBuz Marketing Stack

UrbanBuz Customer Data Platform seamlessly integrates with our full suite of Marketing Technology products like

  • AI Powered Segmentation
  • Online ads optimization
  • Omni-channel campaigns
  • Automated Journeys
  • Customer feedback
  • Digital vouchers
  • Referral programs
  • Loyalty programs.

Having the UrbanBuz CDP as part of the customer journey management platform enables to immediately have access to a large suite of marketing products that you can use out of the box to leverage your data to build great customer experiences.

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Backed By The UrbanBuz Promise
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Fast Time-To-Value

Launch your CDP and customer experience suite quickly and give customers the best experience in the shortest time possible

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Easy To Manage

Give marketing and customer experience teams control with a customer journey platform designed for them and that speaks their language

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Full Support

Get the help you need from on-boarding to best practices from our experienced customer success team

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