Create a Unified Customer Profile, Connect All Your Customer Touch Points & Enrich Your Data

Clean, Up-To-Date, and Rich customer data is the foundation for providing great customer experience. With UrbanBuz Customer Data Management (CDM), you get the tools to centralize that data and enrich it through dynamic registration pages and microsites.


Easy Integration With Different Channels

  • Bring all your customer touch points to one central platform through our extensive API
  • Bridge the gap between online and offline, make customer service part of the customer journey and much more

Unified and Dynamic Customer Profile

  • Define what customer data you want to capture
  • Define what data to collect by brand and by channel to make sure you only collect data that is relevant to the customer’s interaction with your business

Dynamic Registration Forms

  • Generate different registration forms to collect relevant customer data by channel (Online, In Store, Social Media, SMS, Email)
  • Track registration by channel and source to optimize your marketing spend

Personalized Customer Microsites

  • Give customers access to their data anytime and anywhere in a secure and convenient manner
  • Automatically generates personalized microsite per customer thus enabling the customer to view history, vouchers, offers, benefits, update profile, and much more

Data Capturing And Tracking In Real Time

  • Track how many new customers have signed up by country, brand, branch, and channel
  • Set KPIs for your staff to link customers to transactions and monitor the progress in real time
  • View full demographics of your customers by country, brand and branch based on the data collected