Hybrid CDP Model For Better Customer Data Control

Hybrid CDP is a new term that is growing in demand as businesses are now aware that customer Data is at the core of their growth. Many businesses are trying to establish proper customer data platforms (CDP) to give them the access they need to clean and unified customer data in real time. However, CDP is a relatively new field and CDP platforms leverage the cloud technology to provide businesses with powerful yet affordable CDP solutions for their data. This creates the challenge for some businesses of having their customer data sitting on the cloud outside their full control. This challenge becomes bigger when there are regulations that prevent the business from hosting their customer data outside the country of operation (like healthcare, finance, etc.).

The Data Hosting Challenge

Some of our regional clients had that challenge. Some of them could not host their customer data on the public cloud due to regulations and some wanted to simply have their data under their full control.

In the first case, the data had to be hosted on the business’ own premise while in the latter case, the data could be hosted on the cloud but it had to be a dedicated cloud environment and that only the business has access to.

The Complexity of The Data

The businesses did not want to simply host their customer data that they are collecting directly through their different touch points but they also wanted to act on that data (communication, feedback, incentives) and also store analytical data based on the customer engagement (Marketing ROI analysis, Machine Learning, etc.).

The Hybrid Solution

The UB team setup the data environment in the client’s own environment, including the different database technologies to handle data analysis and marketing data, that was completely under the control of the IT team of the client.

A secure connection was then established between the client’s data environment and the UB platform on the cloud where all the processing and business logic happened. In some cases, dedicated processing instances were spun out to process the analytical data for the business based on the data load.

This ensured that the business not only had full control over their data but also enabled the business to setup an in-house data hub that they can leverage for different purposes like custom reporting and analysis.

This also enabled the business to leverage the power of cloud processing at an affordable cost compared to that if they were to setup the full platform on their premise. The UB platform provided the business with different marketing tools that plug into their Data Hub, from customer segmentations, online ads integration, campaign management, automated journeys, customer feedback, digital vouchers, and loyalty.


To learn more how UrbanBuz can help you not only establish a strong customer data foundation but also leverage that data to grow your business, contact us HERE.


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