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Collecting First-Party Customer Data & Feedback For QSR

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), like any other restaurants, face the challenge of collecting customer data and leveraging that data to improve their service and create customer loyalty. However, QSR customer data collection challenge is exasperated by the fact that they are fast paced by nature (hence the term quick service), which means any customer data collection methods need to fit within their fast-pace nature.

For example, at a dine-in restaurant, the staff have ample opportunities  to interact with customers as they sit at their tables for a long period of time. Contrast that with a QSR customer who goes to the counter, orders the food, and walks out (or sits down to eat it) with minimum interaction with staff.

The challenge was to provide a solution that combines the following elements:

1- Very simple to setup and manage by the business

2- Requires no or minimum intervention from staff

3- Collects personal data from customers in addition to feedback about service

4- Convenient and easy for customers to participate

Restaurants, including QSR, can benefit a lot from using a CDP to manage their customer data and efficiently engage those customers. However, in order for the CDP to function, there has to be in place a process and a system to consistently collect first-party data from customers.

The Customer Registration Form

QSRs can collect customer data from different channels like online ordering or mobile apps. However, for most QSRs, the main customer touch point is still the brick-and-mortar restaurant where customers interacts anonymously with the staff without the need to provide any data.

Considering the nature of QSR where staff needs to keep moving the line of customers as fast as possible, collecting customer data should require minimum to no involvement from the staff. Also, we could not rely on having a digital registration form on a tablet at the restaurant as that would require customers to stand there and fill out their information and it would also limit the number of participating customers.

The UrbanBuz team provided the business with QR codes for each branch that gets printed on every receipt given to the customer. All the customer had to do is scan the QR code on their phone and they will be presented with a registration form to collect their information. 

The QR code already contained information about the branch so it was easy to track and save which branch the customer visited before they registered.

The Customer Feedback

In addition to collecting personal information about the customers, the business wanted to also collect customer feedback after every visit. They did not want to email or SMS the customer after each visit at the beginning since they were at the early stage of capturing customer data.

The solution was to include the customer feedback in the same QR code that is used for the registration page and create a flow that is easy to follow by the customers.

In this case, the customers would scan the QR code, they would get a Check-In page where they can enter either their phone or email, If they are a returning customer then the system would automatically show the customer feedback form otherwise it would present them with the customer registration form and once they finish registration they can proceed to the customer feedback form.

The Customer Incentive

The business understood from the beginning that without a clear and relevant incentive, customers will not provide their data. So the objective was to automatically tie a relevant incentive, free coffee, to customer feedback. 

The business was able to easily achieve that through the automation engine where the customer would automatically receive a free-coffee voucher every time they give their feedback. The vouchers are automatically tracked, giving the business real time view over number of vouchers issues, redeemed, and still active.

The Full Flow For Capturing Customer Profile and Feedback

In simple and automated flow, the business was able to incentivize the customers to provide not only personal data but also feedback about their experience after each visit through a simple and user friendly solution.

Also through the automation engine, the system would alert management about any negative feedback along with all the details they need about the customer to immediately followup with dissatisfied customers.

1- QR code gets printed on the receipt

2- Customers scans QR code on their phone and they are presented with Check In form

3- If

    – Customer is new: Show Registration, upon registration show Feedback form, upon feedback completion issue a voucher

    – Customer is returning: Show Feedback form, upon feedback completion issue a voucher

Great ROI

The results exceeded the business expectation from the first month where customer participation was very high and customer profiles started flowing into the CDP along with their feedback.

QSR Customer Data


To learn more how UrbanBuz can help you collect first-party data and effectively engage your customers, contact us HERE.

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