Build True Omni-Channel Consistent Customer Experience With Shopify Integration

Through our, quick-and-easy to setup, integration with Shopify, businesses can quickly create a Single Customer View and gain access to  powerful tools they need to create personalized, 1:1 interactions that drive incremental revenue, deeper engagement and growth.

Quick and Easy Shopify Integration

You can setup and connect the  UrbanBuz Shopify App within minutes after which data will automatically flow to your Customer Data Platform and you can immediately gain access to the Single Customer View that combines the offline and online data.

Shopify Two-Way Integration

The UrbanBuz Shopify App not only enables you to centralize your data by capturing all your online data into your Customer Data Platform (CDP) but also enables you to push data back to your Shopify store like loyalty balances, vouchers, and product recommendations.

Create Omni-Channel Consistent Engagement

With the UrbanBuz Shopify App, you can learn about:

  • What your customers are browsing online
  • Abandoned carts
  • Online Transactions

All that becomes part of the customer account. Combining the online with the offline data, you can optimize their experience online (and vice versa). You will be able to identify which customers shop only online, which ones shop only in store, and which ones shop both. This also allows you to optimize your marketing so you don’t target online customers with products they just bought offline. Through UrbanBuz Audience You can segment your customers between online, offline, or both. You can build fully automated journeys that take into considerations purchases online and offline. Some of those automated journeys would cover:

  • Following up with customers about their abandoned carts
  • Tailoring the marketing message to include products they browsed but haven’t bought (online and offline)

Overcoming Cookies limitation to Optimize Online Ads

The UrbanBuz Shopify App collects data directly into your customer data platform (CDP) without any reliance on cookies, which goes beyond browsers limiting cookies collecting data. Once the data is collected, you will have full control over what data to share with online ads platforms (like Facebook and Google) to optimize your online marketing campaigns through the UrbanBuz Online-Ads product. You will have full control over your data and over protecting the privacy of your customers.

Loyalty Programs

Integrating with your Shopify App, automatically gives you access to the UrbanBuz powerful loyalty engine where you can incentivize your customers offline and online. You can easily tailor your rewards based on whether customer buys online or offline to drive certain behavior.  

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