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Our Philosophy

We believe that technology should be the enabler (and not an inhibitor) that allows businesses to ​engage​ with their ​customers​ and cater to their needs ​in​ a ​personal​, ​timely​, and ​relevant manner. Most importantly, marketing teams should be in full control of the customer journey in real time.

Today’s businesses need to be able to adapt, react, and engage with customers in real time and not in gap time. To do that businesses would need not only a technology that works today but also one that would always evolve and adapt with the evolving trend of the time.

Hence the promise of UrbanBuz, to provide businesses with a platform that they can start using immediately to manage their customer journey and engage their customers throughout each track of that journey in real time.

UrbanBuz is a constantly evolving and an open platform that connects to any third-party system to give businesses the flexibility to grow using the system that best work for them.

The UrbanBuz platform was built for Marketers from the ground up with three guiding principles:

We have been constantly identifying the challenges faced by businesses and with time built the UrbanBuz platform to tackle those challenges. That is to say, our partners feedback is closely tied to our Product roadmap.

If you are looking for technology partner with to help you build exceptional customer experience and grow your business, then connect with us. We can demonstrate how we can help.

UB Customer Journey Platform